Orbilica™ Florisil SPE Cartridges

Orbilica™ Florisil is a selective adsorbent comprised of synthetic magnesium-silica gel activated at 675 ˚C. It’s strongly polar, extremely active, highly porous and able to retain low to moderate polar compounds such as chlorine-, nitrogen- and phosphorus-containing pesticides.​ In analysis of multi residual pesticides, Florisil has proven to be an effective, low-cost choice, and has been adopted in the U.S. EPA method 608.
  • Particle size: 60-100mesh;
  • Pore size: 200-300Å;
  • Specific surface area: 75-90m²/g.


SPE Cartridges

Catalog No. Description
E14-1001 SPE Cartridges,Florisil,100mg/1ml,100/pk
E14-2003 SPE Cartridges,Florisil,200mg/3ml,50/pk
E14-5003 SPE Cartridges,Florisil,500mg/3ml,50/pk
E14-5006 SPE Cartridges,Florisil,500mg/6ml,30/pk
E14-0006 SPE Cartridges,Florisil,1000mg/6ml,30/pk


Bulk Sorbent

Catalog No. Description
E14-0010 Florisil, 60-100mesh, 10g, 1/pk
E14-0100 Florisil, 60-100mesh, 100g, 1/pk
E14-1000 Florisil, 60-100mesh, 1kg, 1/pk