Tupure™ 96 Well Phospholipid Removal (PLR) Plate

Tupure™ 96 Well Phospholipid Removal (PLR) Plate offers a fast effective way to remove proteins and phospholipids from Whole blood, serum, or plasma without negatively affecting the recovery of your target analytes. No analyte-specific method development is required because the same procedure can be used for samples containing acids, bases, or neutral compounds.
  • Remove both proteins and phospholipids
  • No method development
  • Suitable for positive pressure and vacuum


Catalog No. Description
H28-0301 96 Well PLR Plate, 3 mg/1 mL Each Well, 2/pk
H28-0302 96 Well PLR Plate, 3 mg/2 mL Each Well, 2/pk