TuPeak™ NH2 HPLC Columns

TuPeak™ NH2 column's stationary phase is based on an ultra-pure porous spherical silica gel matrix, where organic silane containing aminopropyl functional groups is bonded. This allows for faster equilibration compared to silica gel columns and makes it more sensitive to the water content of the mobile phase. NH2 HPLC columns are predominantly used in normal-phase LC analysis.
  • Stationary Phase: NH2,
  • Particle Size: 5um
  • Pore Size: 100Å
  • Surface Area: 300 m2/g
  • Carbon Load: 5%
  • Endcapped: No
  • purity > 99.999%
  • pH: 2.0 to 9.5


Catalog No. Description
C10-1546 NH2, 5μm, 4.6×150mm
C10-2546 NH2, 5μm, 4.6×250mm