TuPeak™ Phenyl (PH) HPLC Columns

TuPeak™ Phenyl HPLC column is based on ultra-pure silica gel, bonded to the propyl phenyl group on the surface of the silica gel. The column has high surface coverage and excellent separation of aromatic compounds, polar compounds, and difficult-to-separate drugs.
  • Stationary Phase: PH,
  • Particle Size: 5um
  • Pore Size: 100Å
  • Surface Area: 300 m2/g
  • Carbon Load: 12%
  • Endcapped: Yes
  • purity > 99.999%
  • pH: 2.0 to 10.0


Catalog No. Description
C11-1546 PH, 5μm, 4.6×150mm
C11-2546 PH, 5μm, 4.6×250mm