SPE Frits

TUP SPE frit is an important component of the solid phase extraction column and functions to fix the packing and control the flow rate,which is hydrophobic and wettable by organic solvents.
  • Thickness: 1.6 mm (1/16'), 3.2 mm (1/8')
  • Materials:Polyethylene(PE)
  • Frits pore size: 10µm, 20 µm


Empty SPE Cartridges

Catalog No. Description
E25-0001 SPE Frits,1ml size ,1/16 10μm, PE
E25-0003 SPE Frits,3ml size, 1/16 10μm, PE
E25-0006 SPE Frits,6ml size, 1/16 10μm, PE
E25-0012 SPE Frits,12ml size, 1/16 10μm, PE
E25-0020 SPE Frits,20ml size, 1/16 10μm, PE
E25-0030 SPE Frits,30ml size, 1/16 10μm, PE
E25-0060 SPE Frits,60ml size, 1/16 10μm, PE
E26-0001 SPE Frits,1ml size, 1/16 20μm, PE
E26-0003 SPE Frits,3ml size, 1/16 20μm, PE
E27-0006 SPE Frits, 6ml size, 1/8 20μm, PE
E27-0012 SPE Frits,12ml size, 1/8 20μm, PE
E27-0020 SPE Frits, 20ml size, 1/8 20μm, PE
E27-0030 SPE Frits, 30ml size, 1/8 20μm, PE
E27-0060 SPE Frits, 60ml size, 1/8 20μm, PE