Orbilica™ Ion Chromatography SPE Cartridges

In ion chromatography(IC), organic, metal and other interfering ions may affect the analysis of target compounds. The pretreatment cartridges are based on the principle of reversed phase adsorption or ion exchange, can effectively remove interferences and ensure the accuracy of the results.
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Catalog No. Description
L04-0001 IC-C18, 500mg/1ml, 50/pk
L04-0025 IC-C18, 1500mg/25ml, 50/pk
L05-0001 IC-Ag, 1ml, 50/pk
L05-0025 IC-Ag, 25ml, 50/pk
L06-0001 IC-Na, 1ml, 50/pk
L06-0025 IC-Na, 25ml, 50/pk
L08-0001 IC-Ba, 1ml, 50/pk
L08-0025 IC-Ba, 25ml, 50/pk
L09-0001 IC-H, 1ml, 50/pk
L09-0025 IC-H, 25ml, 50/pk
L11-0001 IC-Ag/H, 1ml, 50/pk
L11-0025 IC-Ag/H, 25ml, 50/pk
L12-0001 IC-Ag/Na, 1ml, 50/pk
L12-0025 IC-Ag/Na, 25ml, 50/pk
L10-0001 IC-HLB, 1ml, 50/pk
L10-0025 IC-HLB, 25ml, 50/pk
L13-0001 IC-RP, 1ml, 50/pk
L13-0025 IC-RP, 25ml, 50/pk
L20-0001 IC-Ba/Ag/H, 1ml, 50/pk
L20-0025 IC-Ba/Ag/H, 25ml, 50/pk