Orbilica™ QuEChERS D-SPE Kits

Orbilica™ QuEChERS D-SPE Kits for QuEChERS are pre-packed columns with dispersive SPE sorbent blends , which is designed for efficient clean-up of pesticide residues in fruit and vegetables.
  • Under method EN 15662 and AOAC
  • 2ml and 15ml,
  • adsorbents including: C18,GCB,PSA and MgSO4


2ml Kits

Method Catalog No. Description
AOAC J02-0202 2ml, 50mg PSA,150mg MgSO4, 100/pk
EN J01-0202 2ml, 25mg PSA,150mg MgSO4, 100/pk
AOAC J04-0203 2ml, 50mg PSA,50mg C18,150mg MgSO4, 100/pk
EN J03-0202 2ml, 25mg PSA,25mg C18,150mg MgSO4, 100/pk
EN J05-0202 2ml, 2.5mg GCB, 25mg PSA, 150mg MgSO4, 100/pk
EN J06-0202 2ml, 7.5mg GCB,25mg PSA,150mg MgSO4, 100/pk
EN J07-0203 2ml, 50mg GCB,50mg PSA,150mg MgSO4, 100/pk
AOAC J09-0203 2ml, 50mg GCB,50mg PSA,50mg C18,150mg MgSO4, 100/pk
  J11-0202 2ml, 50mg C18,150mg MgSO4, 100/pk


15ml Kits

AOAC J02-1516 15ml, 400mg PSA,1200mg MgSO4, 50/pk
EN J01-1511 15ml, 150mg PSA,900mg MgSO4, 50/pk
AOAC J04-1520 15ml, 400mg PSA,400mg C18,1200mg MgSO4, 50/pk
EN J03-1512 15ml, 150mg PSA,150mg C18,900mg MgSO4, 50/pk
  J04-1505 15ml, 100mg PSA,100mg C18,300mg MgSO4, 50/pk
EN J05-1511 15ml, 15mg GCB,150mg PSA,900mg MgSO4, 50/pk
EN J08-1511 15ml, 50mg GCB,150mg PSA,900mg MgSO4, 50/pk
AOAC J07-1520 15ml, 400mg GCB,400mg PSA,1200mg MgSO4, 50/pk
AOAC J09-1524 15ml, 400mg GCB,400mg PSA,400mg C18,1200mg MgSO4, 50/pk
EN J10-1514 15ml, 150mg GCB,150mg PSA,150mg C18,900mg MgSO4, 50/pk
  J11-1512 15ml, 200mg C18,1000mg MgSO4, 50/pk