Orbilica™ Al SPE Cartridges

Orbilica™ Alumina is an extremely polar sorbent, like silica. Its abundance of surface electrons engenders π-π interaction with aromatic rings, giving rise to strongly polar retention and Lewis acidity. Compared with un-bonded silica, alumina is more stable in high pH conditions and suitable for extracting aromatic amines. Alumina is available in acidic (AL-A), neutral (AL-N) and basic (AL-B) formulations from which you can choose an appropriate one according to your specific applications.
  • Particle size: 100-200mesh;
  • Specific surface area: 240-320m²/g.


Al-N SPE Cartridges

Catalog No. Description
E15-1001 SPE Cartridges,Al-N,100mg/1ml,100/pk
E15-2003 SPE Cartridges,Al-N,200mg/3ml,50/pk
E15-5003 SPE Cartridges,Al-N,500mg/3ml,50/pk
E15-0003 SPE Cartridges,Al-N,1000mg/3ml,50/pk
E15-5006 SPE Cartridges,Al-N,500mg/6ml,30/pk
E15-0006 SPE Cartridges,Al-N,1000mg/6ml,30/pk

Al-N Bulk Sorbent

Catalog No. Description
E15-0010 Al-N, 100-200mesh, 10g, 1/pk
E15-0100 Al-N,100-200mesh, 100g, 1/pk
E15-1000 Al-N, 100-200mesh, 1kg, 1/pk
E15-5000 Al-N, 100-200mesh, 5kg, 1/pk

Al-A SPE Cartridges

Catalog No. Description
E16-1001 SPE Cartridges,Al-A ,100mg/1ml,100/pk
E16-2003 SPE Cartridges,Al-A ,200mg/3ml,50/pk
E16-5003 SPE Cartridges,Al-A ,500mg/3ml,50/pk
E16-0003 SPE Cartridges,Al-A ,1000mg/3ml,50/pk
E16-5006 SPE Cartridges,Al-A ,500mg/6ml,30/pk
E16-0006 SPE Cartridges,Al-A ,1000mg/6ml,30/pk

Al-B SPE Cartridges

Catalog No. Description
E17-1001 SPE Cartridges,Al-B,100mg/1ml,100/pk
E17-2003 SPE Cartridges,Al-B,200mg/3ml,50/pk
E17-5003 SPE Cartridges,Al-B,500mg/3ml,50/pk
E17-0003 SPE Cartridges,Al-B,1000mg/3ml,50/pk
E17-5006 SPE Cartridges,Al-B,500mg/6ml,30/pk
E17-0006 SPE Cartridges,Al-B,1000mg/6ml,30/pk