Orbilica™ GCB SPE Cartridges

Orbilica™ GCB(graphitized carbon black) is composed of sheet-like, nonporous graphitized carbon black with aromatic six-member ring structure and positive charges. It has reversed phase and ion exchange retention mechanisms, retaining non-polar compounds, such as organochlorine pesticides, as well as polar compounds, such as surfactants.​ Owing to its sheet-like, nonporous structure, GCB enables higher extraction speed and capability than silica-based sorbents.
  • Particle size: 120-240mesh;
  • Pore size: 70-150Å;


SPE Cartridges

Catalog No. Description
E18-1001 SPE Cartridges,GCB,100mg/1ml,100/pk
E18-2003 SPE Cartridges,GCB,200mg/3ml,50/pk
E18-5003 SPE Cartridges,GCB,500mg/3ml,50/pk
E18-5006 SPE Cartridges,GCB,500mg/6ml,30/pk
E18-0006 SPE Cartridges,GCB,1000mg/6ml,30/pk
E18-0012 SPE Cartridges,GCB,1000mg/12ml,20/pk
E18-2012 SPE Cartridges,GCB,2000mg/12ml,20/pk