Orbilica™ SAX SPE Cartridges

Orbilica™ SAX SPE cartridge is a silica-based quaternary ammonium bonded phase, which is always positively charged in the full pH range and has a strong anion exchange capacity. SAX cartridge is very suitable for extracting weakly acidic compounds, such as carboxylic acids,which may not retain effectively on weak anion-exchange sorbents..
  • Particle size: 40-60μm;
  • Pore size: 62-78Å;
  • Specific surface area: 450-550 m²/g.


SPE Cartridges

Catalog No. Description
E11-1001 SPE Cartridges,SAX,100mg/1ml,100/pk
E11-2003 SPE Cartridges,SAX,200mg/3ml,50/pk
E11-5003 SPE Cartridges,SAX,500mg/3ml,50/pk
E11-5006 SPE Cartridges,SAX,500mg/6ml,30/pk
E11-0006 SPE Cartridges,SAX,1000mg/6ml,30/pk

Bulk Sorbent

Catalog No. Description
E11-0010 SAX, 40-60μm, 10g, 1/pk
E11-0100 SAX, 40-60μm, 100g, 1/pk