Orbilica™ SLE SPE Cartridges

SLE simplifies the liquid-liquid extraction product by eliminating the formation of emulsions and the need to manually separate liquid phases. Simply load your aqueous sample onto the solid support and allow it to soak into the sorbent. After 5 minutes, apply the same organic solvent that you would use for a liquid-liquid extraction. Target analytes will partition into the organic solvent and elute from the sorbent, leaving behind contaminants such as phospholipids, proteins, and salts.
  • Particle size: 20-40mesh;


SPE Cartridges

Catalog No. Description
E20-2060 SPE Cartridges ,SLE ,60ml ,16/pk
E20-5003 SPE Cartridges ,SLE ,500μl/3ml, 50/pk
E20-0006 SPE Cartridges ,SLE ,1ml/6ml, 30/pk
E20-2012 SPE Cartridges ,SLE ,2ml/12ml, 20/pk
E20-4025 SPE Cartridges ,SLE ,4ml/25ml, 15/pk

Bulk Sorbent

Catalog No. Description
E20-0100 SLE, 20-40mesh, 100g, 1/pk
E20-1000 SLE, 20-40mesh, 1000g, 1/pk